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About Phuket

           Located in the sparkling, green waters of the Andaman Sea just 70 minutes flying time's most popular beach destination has everything you could possbly want on a holiday: beautful beaches, some of the finest resort hotels, watersports, exquisite seafood, international and Thai cuisine, mountains, forests, temples,coral reefs, turquoise seas and tropical sunshine all in plentiful proportions. Whether you are looking for a quiet corner to enjoy a romantic retreat or an action packed time with plenty of colourful night life, Phuket has it all.

          Firstmentioned in Malaysian literature in 1,200 Ad., Phuket has had an interesting history with influences from both East and West, including the British. In 1785 a five-week invasion by the Burmese was repulsed thanks to the ingenuit of two sisters, sinc elevated to national heroines, Realising they were outnumbered, Chan amd Mook persuaded all the island's women to dress up as men thus fooling the Burmese into believing that the island was too well defended. In fact the island's governor had just died and the Thais were leaderless. As you drive to your hotel from the airport you will pass a statue, located in a roundabout, honouring the two sisters.
          During the last hundred years Phuket has established its economic importance with the mining of tin and growing of rubber, although nowadays most tinmining activities have been replaced by tourism.

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